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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine department is the backbone of any hospital and medical college. We have a highly developed and well equipped medicine department with round the clock Emergency and indoor services including ICU, CCU and HDU. We have 7 days a week OPD run by specialist doctors managing a wide range of patients including diabetes, hypertension, infectious diseases, liver and kidney diseases. Our faculty and sub specialty consultants are working day and night to provide excellent patient care and upgrade teaching of undergraduates as well as postgraduates.


Recently launched OPD clinic for diabetic patients working 7 days a week headed by consultants. It provides complete medical chec-kup for diabetics including eye checkup, foot chec-kup and nutri-tionist guidance.

UAN : +92 42-111-555-600,
Ext . 347/501/518


An executive medical checkup for apparently healthy individuals. It is a routine medical checkup to detect any silent illness especially for those people having family history of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, malignancy.


Following sub-specialties are inc-luded under the umbrella of depar-tment of medicine:

1. Cardiology
2. Gastroenterology
3. Pulmonology
4. Nephrology
5. Rheumatology
6. Neurology
7. Endocrinology
8. Dermatology
9. Psychiatry


Professor Dr.Saleema Qaisara 

Head of Department

Dr. Rizwana Kitchlew

Associate Professor

Dr. Mirza Muhammad Ilyas Baig

Associate Professor

Dr. Syed Adnan Hussain Shahid 

Associate Professor

Dr. Atif Munir

Assistant Professor

Dr. Syeda Arzinda Fatima Shah

Assistant Professor

Dr. Muhammad Kamran Rauf

Assistant Professor

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