Medical Conference 2018 - FMH

Pre Conference Workshops: November 30, 2018

Conference: December 1 – 2, 2018

This Conference will be held with an aim to highlight academic and research activities in the context of “Health Professions Education”.

International Speakers

Dr. Dason Evans

Queen Marry University of London, UK

Dr. Zubair Amin

Khoo-Teck Puat National University Children’s Medical Institute National University Health System, Singapore

Dr. Gominda Ponnamperuma

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Dr. Gohar Ali Wajid


National Speakers

  • Prof. Abid Ashar
  • Dr. Ahsen Sethi
  • Prof. Amir Zaman Khan
  • Prof. Asghar Naqi
  • Dr. Brekhna Jamil
  • Prof. Charles Docherty
  • Dr. Usman Mehboob
  • Prof.Mohammad Tayyab
  • Prof. Imran Ijaz Haider
  • Dr. Jacqueline Dias
  • Prof. Nadeem Aslam
  • Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal
  • Prof. Lubna Baig
  • Brig.(Retd) Prof. Mowadat Hussain
  • Prof. Umar Ali Khan
  • Prof. Raheela Yasmeen
  • Prof. Rehan Khan
  • Prof. Rukhsana Zuberi
  • Dr.Siraj ul Haq
  • Dr.Sonia Ijaz
  • Dr. Syeda Kauser Ali
  • Dr. Syed Moyn Aly

Dr. Amina Ahmed

Director Medical Education NUR International University & Fatima Memorial System

Prof. Jamshed Nasir

Principal, FMHCMD & Associate Dean, School of Health Sciences, Fatima Memorial System

Prof. Rakhshanda Rehman

Vice Chancellor NUR International University & Dean, School of Health Sciences, Fatima Memorial System

Who Should Attend

  • Medical & dental faculty, undergraduate and post-graduate students
  • Nursing faculty, and students
  • Allied health sciences faculty, and students
  • Veterinary faculty, and students
  • Pharmacists, and pharmacy students

Conference Executives


  • Mrs. Shahima Rehman


  • Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qureshi


  • Prof. Rakhshanda Rehman

Conference Directors:

  • Prof. Jamshed Nasir (FMHCMD)
  • Prof. Nazia Yazdanie (FMHCMD)
  • Prof. Abid Ashar (FMHCMD)
  • Dr. Amina Ahmad (FMHCMD)

Conference Secretary:

  • Dr. Muhammad Imran Rehbar (FMHCMD)

Conference Secretariat:

  • Dr. Maryam Sohail (FMHCMD)
  • Dr. Hina Sohail (FMHCMD)
  • Dr. Rudabah Khalid (FMHCMD)
  • Dr. Anam Zahra (FMHCMD)

Registration and Deadline

Early bird registration 14th Aug 2018 Students








Regular registration 1st OCT 2018 Students








Late registration 25th Nov 2018 Students








On spot registration On spot Students








*Early bird registration for students and trainees available.


Future Trends in Health Professions Education


  • Inter-professional education: Learning together as a team
  • Poster / Oral Competition
  • Faculty development: Luxury or a necessity
  • Innovations in teaching & assessment: Enhancing learning environment
  • Supporting and developing learners
  • Learning vs. patient care: How to strike a balance?


  • Each abstract submitter can only submit ONE abstract as presenting author
  • Each abstract submitter can participate in only ONE competition
  • Abstract Submission will be on conference website (will be updated soon)
  • All abstracts should not be more than 300 words
  • The abstract must contain headings of objective, methods, results and conclusions
  • The submitted work/project should not be presented and/or printed before
  • The presenter must get approval from all co-authors prior to submission
  • The individual may submit only one abstract
  • All correspondence will be through email so please provide valid email ID
  • A book of abstract will be printed

Focal Persons

Fatima Memorial College of Medicine & Dentistry(FMHCMD) Prof. Saleema Qaisra
Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS) Prof. Nadeem Aslam
Allama Iqbal Medical College (AIMC) Prof. Nadeem Hafeez Butt
Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) Prof. Moin Yaqeen
Lahore Medical and Dental College (LMDC) Prof. Seema Daud
CMH, Lahore Brig. Rehan ud din
Sharif Medical College (SMC) Prof.Nosheen Omer
Fatima Memorial College of Medicine & Dentistry(FMHCMD) Prof. Saeed Gohar
Rashid Latif Medical College (RLMC) Prof. Mussarat ul Husnain
King Edward Medical University (KEMU) Prof. Ayesha Shaukat
University of Lahore(UOL) Dr. Syed Hassan Shoaib
Fatima Jinnah Medical University (FJMU) Prof. Kamran Khawaja
Rahbar Medical College (RMC) Prof. Noreen Rahat Hashmi
Sheikh Zayed Medical College (SZMC) Dr. Imran Anwar
Children Hospital ICH Dr. Attiya Bari
Central Park Medical College (CPMC) Dr.Ayisha Imran
Institute of Public Health (IPH) Dr. Aftab Iqbal
Fatima Memorial College of Medicine & Dentistry(FMHCMD) Dr. Shaila Tahir
Institute of Allied Health Sciences, NIU Dr. Fariha Shah
SWCON Ms. Misbah Zafar
Fatima Memorial College of Medicine & Dentistry(FMHCMD) Dr. Nedal Iqbal
Institute of Allied Health Sciences, NIU Mr. Abubakar
Institute of Allied Health Sciences, NIU Ms. Shazia Zahra
University of Health Sciences(UHS) Dr. Saima Chaudhary

Conference Attractions


Please select max of 1 workshop from each category. The fee is 2000 PKR/ Workshop

MORNING SESSION   Evening session
1  Dr. Dason Students in difficulty 1 Dr.Dason Students in difficulty
2 Dr. Zubair Amin WPBA 2 Dr. Zubair Amin MCQ: Developing one best MCQ
3 Dr.Gohar Ali  Wajid


Strategies for incorporating professional leadership in educational curricula 3 Dr. Gohar Ali Wajid


Strategies for incorporating professional leadership in educational curricula
4 Dr. Gominda Ponamperuma Learning vs. patient care: How to strike a balance? 4 Dr. Gominda Ponamperuma Learning vs. patient care: How to strike a balance?
5 Dr. Jacqueline Dias

Dr.Syeda Kauser

Integrating inter-professional education through curriculum redesign. 5 Dr.Usman Mehboob Enhancing learning by innovations and teaching.
6 Dr. Raheela Yasmin Designing an assessment plan and tool for “Integrated medical and dental curricula” 6 Dr.Mowadat Hussain Rana Inter-professional education: learning together as a team
7 Dr. Moyn Aly Assessment of borderline students 7 Prof.Imran Ijaz Haider Improving emotional quotient.
8 Dr. Atif Munir & Ms. Fariha Naz Presentation skills 8 Dr.Brekhna Jamil Tapping resources for effective research
9 Dr. Amina Ahmad Educational Leadership 9 Dr. Rehan Khan SLICE-ing the long case in undergraduate medical students
10 Dr. Sonia Ijaz Emotional quotient 10 Dr. Ahsen Sethi Feedback
  11 Prof.Syed Asghar Naqi Undergraduate skill learning and assessment

Poster Rules and Guidelines

  • The size of the poster should be: 32” x 44″ (width x height).
  • Space your information proportionally: Divide your poster vertically into three or four sections, and place your materials within those spaces.
  • Use large text that can be easily readable from 3 metres (your body text should be at least 30-32 font size in Arial Black; headings 35-38 font size in Arial Black; title >48-54 font size in Arial Black and Authors/Affiliation text font size should be 40-44.
  • Choose colours carefully and pay attention to contrast. Do not use rainbow effect/multiple colors.
  • Cropping, Margins and Spacing: All edges and margins should be straight and even.

Don’t overcrowd space and be attentive to balance from top to bottom and from the side margins.

    • White space: (the area not covered with text or graphics): Not too much (or the viewer’s eye will wander). Not too little (or you’ll confuse and overwhelm your viewer).
    • Posters should have the following information:
    • Title of research + Author’s name written properly
    • Objective
    • Methodology
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • Lay out/ Design/ Impact
      • Posters should stimulate discussion, do not give a long presentation. Therefore, keep text to a minimum, emphasize graphics, and make sure every item in your poster is necessary.
      • 3-4 tables or graphs can be displayed.
      • Poster to be printed on flex with a supporting frame and standee.
      • Do not use all UPPER CASE characters in your poster presentation.
      • The images (clip arts, graphs, diagrams and drawings) must all be in high resolution.
      • White background should be used to aid in visualization.
      • All funding sources, commercial names, names of all the participants as well as supervisors should be mentioned.
      • The presenting author should be highlighted or underlined.
      • The presenting author must be present at the time of presentation.
      • Displaying and removal of poster will be the responsibility of the presenters.


Below is the poster layout template.


Access to conference venue from different locations of Lahore

Local Transportation Services
Uber and Careem are the most efficient transport services available throughout Lahore on reasonable charges.

Contact Us

Conference Secretary
Dr. Muhammad Imran Rahbar
College Building 4th Floor, FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry, Shadman, Lahore.
UAN: 042 111 555 600 Ext. 649, 538-539

Muhammad Amir
Medical Education
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