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Operative Dentistry

The Department of Operative Dentistry deals with the diagnosis and treatment of carious teeth, replacement of missing teeth and aesthetic procedures. We are committed to treat our patients with special care and state of the art dental equipment (including safe digital x-rays, apex locators and endomotors) up to date techniques (such as root canal treatments, bleaching, veneers, ceramic crowns) and modern materials. Some of the services that our department offers are: 


  • Tooth whitening 
  • Tooth colored restorations including inlays and onlays 
  • Porcelain and ceramic veneers and crowns 


  • Restoration of carious teeth with silver and tooth colored fillings 
  • Restoration of noncarious tooth surface loss 


  • Root canal treatment rotary and manual 


  • Dental treatment for children 

Crown and Bridge: 

  • Metal crowns and bridges 
  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges 
  • All ceramic crowns 
  • Resin bonded crowns


Dr. Shaila Tahir

Associate Professor & Head of Department

Dr. Saroosh Ehsan

Associate Professor 

Dr. Adeela Rafique 

Associate Professor 

 Dr. Muhammad Talha Khan

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Attia Ashraf


Dr. Rabia Zia

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Muhammad Haris Naeem

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Abdul Rehman

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Asim Waqar

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Anam Fayyaz
Senior Demonstrator

Dr. Zarmina Ismail
FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Huma Tanvir
FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Zarlashta Usman
FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Samreen Aqeel
FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Zehra Abbas
FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Hira Altaf Keen

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Ramsha Akhtar

FCPS II Trainee

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