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Oral Medicine

The Department of Diagnostics, Radiology and Oral Medicine deals with the complaints of patients presenting with diseases of the oral cavity alone or as a complication of systemic disease. The Diagnostics and Radiology Department work in collaboration to deal with patients that present in the out-patient clinic. These patients are rec-eived, evaluated and referred from here to various other depar-tments. The department also caters emergency endodontic pro-cedures on priority basis. 

In the Oral Medicine Depart-ment, patients presenting with multiple orofacial conditions are addressed. This is a unique depar-tment and one of its kind in town. The early diagnosis of malignant lesions, especially squ-amous cell carcinomas is ma-de and steps for prev-ention makes this setup a valuable entity to the hospital. Apart from maligna-ncies, other conditions including oro-facial pain, infections affecting the head and neck, muco-cutaneous and ulcerative lesions are also well dealt and treated. 

Treatments offered:

  • Evaluation and diagnosis of conditions in the oral cavity
  • Counseling of patients presenting with psychological oro-facial pain
  • Non-surgical management of patients suffering from facial pain.
  • Non-surgical management of diseases of the oral cavity.
  • Biopsies of suspected malignant lesions and referral to histopathology lab for diagnosis
  • Evaluation and management of viral and fungal infections and oral manifestations of various systemic diseases
  • Evaluation and treatment of temporomandibular Joint disorders
  • Excision of lesions that may lead to complications
  • Evaluation of salivary glands and their treatment
  • Evaluation of children presenting with complaints of oral cavity due to infection and their non-surgical management.
  • Emergency management of patients presenting with dental pain (emergency root canal procedures)


Dr. Maria Noor
Assistant Professor & Head of Department

Dr. Jahanzeb Amin

Dr. Zainab Usman


Dr. Saleema Naeen Manji


PGI Guildeline 2019