Orthodontics - FMH


Orthodontic Department of FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry has academic and clinical experts covering all aspects of Orthodontic diagnosis and den-tal care including norm-al face development; growth modi-fications; fixed appliances-Braces, clear aligners and the biological principles of orthodontic tooth movement.  The goal of the educ-ation program in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics is to provide patients with the state of the arte highest qualit-y treatment that will enable them to face society with a beautiful smile. 
FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry offers post graduate training programme in all spec-ialties including Orthodontics that is recognized at national and international level. The aim is to produce motivated Orthodon-tists capable of obtaining high Orthodontic standards.

The FCPS fellowship prog-ram is also oriented toward preparing the student for a career in research and teaching. There is an emphasis on in-depth clinical exposure and state of the art orthodontic care.

 Treatment Offered: 

  • Correction of malposition Teeth 
  • Smile Enhancement 
  • Prevention of parafunctional habits (Thumb sucking, lip and nail biting) 
  • Treatment of congenital lip and palate clefts 
  • Treatment of problems related to jaw discrepancies of growing children 
  • Correction of disproportionate jaws in adults 
  • Metal and Clear Braces 


Professor Dr.Naseer Ahmad Chaudhry 

Professor & Head of Department

Dr. Saima Zahid 

Senior Demonstrator

Dr. Nida Habib

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Muhammad Imran Rahbar


Dr. Qasim Khalid

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Anum Aziz

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Muhammad Fayyaz Nafees

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Sehrish Liaqat

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Laila Azher Jawa

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Nazish Iqbal

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Kashif Haroon

Senior Demonstrator

Dr. Asim Riaz

Assistant Professor

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