Periodontics - FMH


The department of Periodontology and Implantology focus primarily on the didactic and clinical ed-ucation of periodontology res-idents and undergraduate students. It is actively engaged in man-agement of diseases related to the supporting structures of the teeth, namely gums and supporting bone; as well as provision of artificial teeth using dental implants. Being the only department in Pakistan that offers a specialist training in Periodontology and Implantology, we receive referrals from all over the country. Our objective is to provide the best possible treatment to the patients using evidence based treatment

planning and state of the art techniques. We are actively engaged in creating awareness among our patients for prevention of disease.

Treatment Offers:

  • Treatment of bleeding and swollen gums
  • Treatment of bad breath
  • Dental Implants for lost / missing teeth
  • Regular professional scaling
  • Gum Surgery


Professor Dr. Khurram Ataullah

Head Of Department

Dr. Zubair Ahmed Khan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ali Raza Syed

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shakila Mushtaq

Senior Demonstrator

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