Prosthodontics - FMH


The Department of Prosthodontics provide replacement of missing dental and orofacial structures by artificial means / prosthesis.The department provides the following high quality Prosthodontic services:

  • Removable Partial dentures
  • Removable Complete dentures
  • Implant Retained removable complete and partial dentures
  • Fixed Partial dentures
  • Conventional / Tooth Support
  • Implant support
  • Implant supported & implant retained dentures
  • Fixed Complete dentures
  • Maxillofacial prosthesis e.g. nose, ears, eyes, palates, mandibles.
  • Latest and innovative cosmetic tooth replacement & Veneers e.g. Zirconia, Inceram etc.
  • Therapeutic and adjunct appliances for TMJ dysfunction e.g. splints and sleep apnea devices


Professor Dr. Nazia Yazdanie

Principal, Dental College & Head of Department

Dr. Zahra Mahmood 

Associate Professor

Dr. Abdullah Karamat

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Khuda e Dad

FCPS II Trainee

Muhammad Waqar

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Ayesha Bashir

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Nida Younas

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Khatija Shahid

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Mohid Rehman

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Zahid Iqbal


Dr. Shehla Batool

Assistant Professor

Dr. Samia Shafiq

FCPS II Trainee

Dr. Muhammad Haider Amin

FCPS II Trainee

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