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Zakat Campaign 2024


Zakat Campaign 2024

Join Fatima Memorial Hospital (FMH), Lahore, Pakistan in the treatment of deserving patients. Since 1977, FMH has been providing essential healthcare services to those in need. Your donations help waive millions in treatment costs annually, ensuring quality care for all.

In 2023, Fatima Memorial waived over 501 Million Rupees on free or subsidized treatment for the community. To date, FMH has treated over 10 Million Patients free of cost with your support. Together, let’s make quality healthcare a reality for everyone in our community.


View our Zakat Campaign: (https://linktr.ee/FatimaMemorialHospital)

Zakat Hotline: 📞 03204455111

For International Donors: (http://goto.gg/63325)

Your generosity matters. Let’s continue to transform lives together. Choose compassion. Choose healing. Choose Zakat.
Bank Details for Donations:

Allied Bank: 00100 37742 960026

Bank of Punjab: 658000 32855 00020


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