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The NUR-FMS School of Nutrition held its Eleventh Continuing Dietetics and Nutrition Education (CDNE) Workshop entitled “Nutrition in Wound Healing” by Ms. Sidra Arslan (Registered Dietitian). The CDNE was organized by Ms. Shazia Zahra Director NUR-FMS School of Nutrition, Ms. Safeena Amjad Senior Demonstrator/Lecturer NIU-IAHS, Ms. Sadia Ashraf Food Services Manager, Ms. Maham Pervaiz Senior Dietitian (FMH) and Ms. Yashra Afzal (Nutritionist Health & Nutrition Lounge NUR-FMS SON). The workshop was attended by Executive Members Mrs. Zareen Arif Ijaz Director NSLP, Prof Dr. Nighat Bhatty Dean Applied Sciences Department of Clinical Nutrition NIU, Prof Ghazala Pervaiz Zaman (UVAS), Ms. Amina Chughtai Lecturer (UVAS), Ms. Nida Iftekhar ( Lecturer UOF), Practicing Nutritionists Ms. Komal Rashid (Children Hospital), Ms. Warda Nisar (Community Nutritionist PFA),  team members of NUR-FMS School of Nutrition, IAHS-NIU students, Nutrition Interns from Govt. College of Home Economics, Govt. College University Faisalabad, University of Faisalabad, Kinnaird College, UVAS and University of Lahore. A Question & Answer session was held at the end of the workshop followed by distribution of certificates for the attendees.

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