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Help us save lives at Fatima Memorial Hospital

Fatima Memorial Hospital (FMH) is a not-for-profit organization working in the health sector since 1977. What started as a 200-bed community hospital for women and children has now transformed and grown into a 453-bed tertiary care teaching hospital.

ہر درد کا علاج، ہر فرد کا علاج

We operate on a non-profit, self-sustaining basis, using funds from paying patients to subsidize the treatment of those who cannot afford it. Last year alone, we spent PKR 268.00 Million on free and subsidized care for nearly 82% of our patients.

But we need your help to continue this noble work. This year, we have to raise approximately PKR 30.00 Million to support the non-affording and indigenous patients who come to us for help.

To ensure transparency, the Hospital is regularly inspected and certified by the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) and has been rated as a high achiever with an internal governance strength of 93%, Financial Management strength of 93%, and Program delivery strength of 95%. Our financial accounts are regularly audited by the Lahore office of Price Waterhouse Coopers (formerly A.F. Ferguson Chartered Accountants).

Please donate generously and make a difference in someone’s life today. Every rupee counts and every donation matters.

Verily those who give alms — be they men or women, — and give Allah a beautiful loan shall be repaid after increasing it many times; and theirs shall be a generous reward.

Surah Hadid, Al-Quran, Ayat 18

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

آپ کی زکوٰۃ امید کا چراغ



Donate for General Items

IV Stand PKR 4,000/-
Nebulizer PKR 10,000/-
Phototherapy Light LED PKR 75,000/-
Cardiac Monitor PKR 120,000/-
ECG Machine PKR 250,000/-
Bi_level Positive Air Pressure Machine PKR 500,000/-
Defibrillator PKR 800,000/-

Donate to Nephrology Department

Peritoneal dialysis per month per patient PKR 40,000/-
Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter & Insertion per patient PKR 100,000/-
Dialysis Chairs (Per Chair) PKR 325,000/-
Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Machine PKR 500,000/-
Hemodialysis Machine PKR 1,500,000/-


Donate to Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department

Suction Machine PKR 40,000/-
Fetal Doppler PKR 120,000/-
Delivery Table PKR 500,000/-
Cardiotocography machine PKR 600,000/-


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