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Meet 20-year-old Rabia, a College student who arrived at Fatima Memorial Hospital with excruciating joint pain, limb swelling, fluid in her lungs, and kidney malfunction. She found herself lost, without hope, and shattered dreams of a college education. In her darkest hour, Rabia was referred to Fatima Memorial Hospital, where a medical board diagnosed her with Systemic Lupus (SLE). By the grace of Almighty Allah, the physicians at FMH were able to provide extensive treatment to Rabia, which continues to date; as SLE, while manageable, requires lifelong treatment. It was only with your Zakat & donations that Rabia’s treatment was, and remains, free of cost to her, enabling her physicians to not only heal her body, but also her shattered spirit.

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Fatima Memorial Hospital (FMH) is a not-for-profit organization working in the health sector since 1977, with its history dating back to 1944, when Maulvi Feroze-ud-Din established the Ferozsons Trust. What started as a 200-bed community hospital for women and children has now transformed by the Grace of God and grown into a 470-bed tertiary care teaching hospital.

ہر درد کا علاج، ہر فرد کا علاج

To ensure transparency, the Hospital is regularly inspected and certified by the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) and registered with Punjab Charity Commission. All donations to Fatima Memorial Hospital are liable to claim 100% tax credit Under section 61.

Fatima Memorial Hospital has been rated by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy as a high achiever with an Internal Governance strength of 93%, Financial Management strength of 93%, and Program delivery strength of 95%. Our financial accounts are regularly audited by the Lahore office of Price Waterhouse Coopers (formerly A.F. Ferguson Chartered Accountants).

Only with your generosity we can provide quality healthcare to deserving patients. We hope we can continue to count on your exceptional support towards our cause.

Verily those who give alms — be they men or women, — and give Allah a beautiful loan shall be repaid after increasing it many times; and theirs shall be a generous reward.

Surah Hadid, Al-Quran, Ayat 18


We believe every Pakistani citizen has a fundamental right to quality healthcare that is accessible.

آپ کی زکوٰۃ امید کا چراغ


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Recurring Donation Options Cost
 Contribute any Amount for Patient Welfare Fund PKR
Provide Meals for One Patient Ward  PKR 5,000
 Cataract Surgery for One Patient  PKR 63,800
 Laparoscopic Appendectomy  PKR 78,000
 Provide 10 Wheelchairs  PKR 180,000
 Cochlear Implant  PKR 200,000
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Donate for General Items Cost
 Syringe Pump  PKR 175,000
Infusion Pump  PKR 175,000
Cardiac Monitor  PKR 300,000
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Donate to Paediatrics Cost
Incubator  PKR 400,000
Ventilator  PKR 1,000,000
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Donate to Operation Theater Cost
 ECG Machine  PKR 200,000
Anesthesia Machine  PKR 2,825,000
Urology Microscope  PKR 7,000,000
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Donate to Radiology Cost
Mammography Machine  PKR 3,500,000
Ultrasound Machine  PKR 4,000,000
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