The Gastroenterology department at Fatima Memorial Hospital provides endoscopy services, round the clock emergency services, indoor, including intensive care services and outdoor two times a week. There is close liaison with other departments in management of patients who might also have Gastroenterology-Hepatology related issues. The consultants are also available for private consultation within the hospital. There is an ever growing patient load in all these modalities of service.

Endoscopy services include diagnostic esophagogastroscopy, endoscopic variceal therapy, endoscopic band ligation, balloon and bougie dilation of strictures, colonoscopy, polypectomies and hemostasis through Argon Plasma Coagulation (APC), heater probe and hemoclipping. Advanced endoscopic services such as placement of PEG tubes for feeding and metallic esophageal stents for esophageal cancers are also available. Since the department boasts of a qualified female gastroenterologist, colonoscopy in complete privacy is provided to women who would prefer a woman to examine them.

Fluoroscopic procedures offered consist of Endoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreatography and pneumatic dilation of achalasia cardia. Stones in the common bile duct are removed via ERCP and plastic biliary stents are used to relieve obstruction due to benign or malignant strictures in the biliary tract. Expertise at placing metallic biliary stents is also available.


Prof. Arif Amir Nawaz
Head, Department of Gastroenterology-Hepatology

Dr. Aftab Haider Alvi
FCPS (Med), FCPS (Gastroenterology-Hepatology)
Associate Professor Gastroenterology-Hepatology

UAN : +92 42-111-555-600,
Ext . 482/501

Dr. Bushra Ali
MCPS (Med), FCPS (Med), FCPS (Gastroenterology-Hepatology)
Assistant Professor Gastroenterology-Hepatology

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