Instructions for PG Induction - FMH

Creating an Account


Once you fill the Registration form, an email would be sent to you (on the email address you provided), containing user name, password and a button that you will have to click to “Activate” the Registration Form for you.

Process of Filing the Application

Please fill all the mandatory details in the application. There are two steps involved. For the first time you can fill the application and keep it in saved state. The application will remain in Edit mode and you will be able to “Edit” it as well.

When ready, you can open the application in Edit mode and then “Finalize” it.

Note: You will not be able to finalize it unless you enter the “Receipt Number” used to deposit the Processing Fee. Please enter the receipt number in field captioned as “Instrument Number”. Just before finalization of application.

Account Details

The Bank of Punjab.

Shadman Branch, Lahore

For within Pakistan online cash deposit account # 6510003285500018

Titled: Fatima Memorial Hospital.

Contact Us / Need Help?

If you have any queries regarding the online form, you can contact us at:

Call: 111 555 600 Ext. 411


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