Member of Group "Help Improve Lives" donated 4 incubators to Fatima Memorial Hospital - FMH

Fatima Memorial Hospital is continuously striving towards improving its facilities; the patient flow remains on the rise due to which FMH falls short on resources and is unable to cater to everyone. One of the foremost requisites included incubators for newborn babies, Fatima Memorial Hospital is thankful to the Members of “Help Improve Lives” for their munificent contribution through which FMH has been able to procure 4 new incubators in such a short time. The ceremony took place at the Hospital and one of the key member of the group Mrs. Ayesha Mansoor formally handed over the Incubators to Mrs. Shahima Rehman, Chairperson, Board of Management, Fatima Memorial Hospital subsequent to which it was inaugurated by both individuals.

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