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A Ray of Hope: Zakat’s Healing Touch


Meet 20-year-old Rabia, a College student who arrived at Fatima Memorial Hospital with excruciating joint pain, limb swelling, fluid in her lungs, and kidney malfunction. She found herself lost, without hope, and shattered dreams of a college education. In her darkest hour, Rabia was referred to Fatima Memorial Hospital, where a medical board diagnosed her with Systemic Lupus (SLE). By the grace of Almighty Allah, the physicians at FMH were able to provide extensive treatment to Rabia, which continues to date; as SLE, while manageable, requires lifelong treatment. It was only with your Zakat & donations that Rabia’s treatment was, and remains, free of cost to her, enabling her physicians to not only heal her body, but also her shattered spirit.

How Can You Help?

Watch Rabia’s Story: (https://youtu.be/ZRvYGF-g2vE?feature=shared)

View our Zakat Campaign: (https://linktr.ee/FatimaMemorialHospital)

Zakat Hotline: 📞 03204455111

For International Donors: (http://goto.gg/63325)

Your generosity matters. Let’s continue to transform lives together. Choose compassion. Choose healing. Choose Zakat.
Bank Details for Donations:

Allied Bank: 00100 37742 960026

Bank of Punjab: 658000 32855 00020


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