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In today’s stressful and hectic life cycle, My health care at Fatima Memorial Hospital offers you a chance to evaluate your current health status. With the help of qualified consultants and comprehensive screening. This service will help to ensure better health and prevent future complications with early detection of disease.My Health Program offers a variety of packages suited to your need and requirements with the convenience of testing and consultation under one roof.

Packages Available

Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
For Women below 40 years of age
Package include
For Women over 40 years of age Breast & Cervical Screening Service
Consultation by specialist doctors Consultation by specialist doctors Consultation by Specialist Doctor
Complete Blood count Complete Blood count Pap Smear
Lipid Profile Lipid Profile Mammogram Screening
Liver function test Liver function test Ultrasound Pelvis
Creatinine Creatinine X
Urine Complete report Electrocardiogram (ECG) X
Pap Smear Urine Complete report X
Vitamin-D Pap Smear X
Blood Sugar Test(Fasting Glucose) Mammogram Screening X
C – Reactive Protein Level Vitamin – D X
Ultrasound Pelvis Blood Sugar Test(Fasting Glucose) X
X C – Reactive Protein Level X
X Ultrasound Pelvis X
Total Price: PKR 9,880 Total Price: PKR 11,800 Total Price: PKR 5,570

Significance of Health Screening:

Health Screening are a series of tests to look for disease you have any symptoms. The health screening are specially for disease that are prevalent in Pakistani women.After The screening , physical assessment will be conducted by a senior gynecologist who will complete the evaluation and give their expert option.

  • Every 9th  women in Pakistan has breast cancer.
  • 20 women die of cervical cancer daily in Pakistan.
  • Diabetes is the cause of 88,000 deaths per day globally out of which almost 52,000 are women.
  • Osteoporosis is estimated to affect  200 million women worldwide.

The well women Clinic at Fatima Memorial Hospital offers tailored pakages to women of all ages (from teenage to elderly ) for a complete screening of their health status.

The pap smear is a screening test to detect cervical cancer. This means that women without any symptoms are tested at regular intervals (every three years) to check for changes in the cell of the cervix. If changes are seen, the cancer can be diagnosed and treated earlier.

Symptoms of menopause can include abnormal vaginal bleeding, hot flashes, vaginal and urinary symptoms, and mood changes. Complications that women may develop after menopause include osteoporosis and heart disease. Treatment for all issues related to menopause will be available.

Osteoporosis, or thinning bones, can result in painful fractures. Risk factors for osteoporosis include aging, being female, low body weight, low sex hormones or menopause, smoking and some medications. Prevention and treatment include Calcium and Vitamin D supplementation, exercise and osteoporosis medications which are offered in Fatima Memorial Hospital.

Many women face general health issues such as diabetes, hypertension etc. which go undetected. The heath screening process will help in diagnosis such disease followed by appropriate treatment plans.


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